Elfin Forest view of the Bay
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Visiting the Elfin Forest

Where is the Los Osos Elfin Forest and how do I get there? Choose this button to see maps and get driving directions.

What days and times is the Elfin Forest open?

Where do I park? Also show me a detailed interactive aerial photo of the preserve.

What facilities are in the Elfin Forest. Is there drinking water or restrooms?.

Can I bring my dog to the Elfin Forest?.

What flowers and animals might I see this month during my visit?

Up coming docent led walks in the Forest - when and where do they start?

Note: until the Coronavirus threat is gone from  the region only individual visitors or small cohabiting family groups are allowed in the Forest. Therefore, all docent led walks are cancelled for the duration.
You can take a Virtual Walk, or a more comprehensive Field Trip.

Weather forecast for the Elfin Forest from the National Weather Service.