Elfin Forest view of the Bay
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Parking at the Elfin Forest

Interactive Map of the Elfin Forest

In the above map the Elfin Forest is outlined in black. There is a boardwalk, shown in brown, that loops through its center with extensions to two bay over-looks (Bush Lupine Point and Sienna's View). There is also a boardwalk extension running to the end of 16th Street. The yellow lines are open sand trails running from the other street ends to the boardwalk and other location within the preserve.

There is limited parking shown as blue paddles at each street end. 11th Street is the left paddle and 17th is the right most. The 16th Street entrance has the boardwalk extension coming clear out to the parking area. It has two designated handicapped parking spaces plus room for three non-handicapped parkers. If you have a stroller this also is the recommended entrance. Note: the Elfin Forest grows on an ancient sand dune and the sand trails are all loose sand. There is also a bicycle rack at this location.

Each of the other entrances has room for two or three vehicles; however, you can park any where along the streets as long as you do not block the neighbors' driveways or access to their mail boxes. For some reason the neighbors are not appreciative to find that they didn't get their mail because someone blocked the postal delivery truck from pulling up to the boxes.

Interesting things you can do with the above interactive map of the Elfin Forest

This being a Google map there are a number of interesting features built into it. For instance you can also navigate around the area using the controls in the upper left of the map and zoom in or out. You can change the view from the satellite picture with the controls in the upper right to a "Conventional Map" or a "Shaded Contour Map" view. By the way, it is not just the area you can navigate to - the map covers the entire world.

If you click on one of the street end paddles a box will pop-up with some information and there are several things you can do. By selecting "Directions" an entry form will appear in the upper left with the destination filled in line "B" (you may need to push the "Directions" button twice to get the entry box). If you type in an address in the trip start line "A" and select "Get Directions" it will respond with turn-by-turn directions to that street end and a map showing the route. Caveat: if you select a start address outside the North American continent it will not be able to find a connecting route for you.

If you have a relatively fast Internet connection you can select the "Earth" button in the very upper right of the map. You will be suddenly transported a couple thousand feet above the Elfin Forest and be viewing it in 3D perspective. Using the controls on the left you can now "fly" around the Forest in an amazing fashion. Of course you are not limited to viewing just the Forest. Take a look at Montaņa de Oro and its canyons. Very spectacular.

If you do not have the Google Earth add-on installed in your Internet browser this later feature will not work. You will be given the option of installing it by Google in a pop-up. It only takes a few minutes if you choose to do so.

The "flying" controls take some practice and coordination. If you have troubles, find a 10 year old to show you how it is done.