Elfin Forest Snail Medley
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Flora and Fauna

Fauna of the Elfin Forest

List of Mammals.

List of Amphibians and Reptiles.

List of Birds.

List of Common Arthropods (things that creep, crawl, and go buzzzz).

List of Butterflies.

List of Gastropods.

Flora of the Elfin Forest

List of Vascular Plants.

List of Lichens.

List of Mushrooms.


We recommend for further information reading the excellent Flora and Fauna Guides for the Morro Bay Area created by Morro Bay State Park staff with the help of a Morro Bay National Estuary Program mini-grant. Each guide includes both photos and a written description of species found in and around the Morro Bay Estuary. Clickable links to the specific guides are included in the above "lists", where applicable. You can also download these guides from the Morro Bay National Estuary Program at http://www.mbnep.org/publications/ or http://www.lulu.com/. Lulu.com is a commercial on-line publishing house and besides being able to download free copies you can purchase printed copies from them.

Some of these guides contain many photographs and will take a while to load - especially if you have a slow Internet connection.